The first Afeltalia in “Dwójka”

In January 2022, “Dwójka’s” teacher of long standing, an educator, traveler, entrepreneur, economist, avid cyclist, musician, our friend Paweł Afelt left us. On Friday, June 2, 2023, we remembered Paweł together, celebrating some of his many passions, as part of an event we called Afeltalia. At 4:30 pm there was a short ceremony. The IT room was named after Paweł Afelt  by the school management and a unique gift, the Tour de France leader’s T-shirt with the signatures of all his students, was handed over by his students.  After the ceremony, the Paweł Afelt’s classrom was filled with an atmosphere that strongly evokes the memory of its teacher – a group of our graduates played several games of StarCraft until 8 pm. The next day, on Saturday, June 3 (World Bicycle Day), a group of graduates, students and teachers set out from the school on bicycles to pay their tribute at Paweł’s grave in Łódź. Many thanks to all those involved in the preparation of the event.

(text: Marcin Krupowicz; zdjęcia: Zbigniew Strucki, Marcin Krupowicz, Elżbieta Tyszko-Kulik)