What is IB?

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) is an international educational organization founded in the 1960s in Switzerland. Currently, the organization has over 5,000 schools around the world, including our school. Originally, the IBO directed its offer to the children of diplomats, who could therefore continue their education in different countries within the same system. However, the IB program has gained so much recognition, also in the eyes of recruitment committees of prestigious universities, that it is now addressed to all interested ones. 

The IBO offers programs at three levels, Primary (PYP), Middle School (MYP), and High School (DP). 

In our school, we implement the DP (Diploma Programme) level – it is a two-year course of teaching selected six subjects in various fields of knowledge, ending with the final examination. We run it in the last two classes of a four-year high school. It is preceded by a two-year curriculum in Pre-DP classes. 

IB Diploma is recognized by universities around the world. The IB system combines the academic approach with the idea of ​​harmonious development of the student’s personality, as a result of which IB Diploma Program (IBDP) graduates not only successfully enter renowned universities, but it is also much easier for them to adapt and be successful in the academic environment. 

IBDP is addressed in particular to people who can combine independence with social commitment, independent thinking with discipline, openness and creativity with precision of thinking. All these features (and many others) are developed by the IBDP program taught in our school.