Our mission

In our school we promote the spirit of freedom and tolerance – classic liberal values, as well as patriotism in the modern sense. We teach respect for the rights of an individual, critical thinking, open-mindedness, responsibility for oneself and others. 

We understand freedom as Montesquieu wrote about it. Therefore, it is not tantamount to the unrestricted freedom of action of an individual. For us, being free means doing what we need to do in a given situation in order to be able to live in harmony with ourselves and with others. 

There is no freedom without responsibility. First of all, we encourage young people to approach reality in a reflective way and teach them to act in accordance with applicable legal rules and norms. 

We understand tolerance as relating to others with respect, attentiveness, accepting the dissimilarity of views and beliefs, cultures and nationalities, gender identities and sexual orientations. That is the attitude we shall demand from ourselves and others. 

For us, patriotism understood in a modern way entails creating community-oriented attitudes, i.e. sensitivity to problems of other people, involvement in public matters and care for the common good, for example through volunteer and charity work. 

We are convinced that the upbringing of a young person have nothing to do with his/ her indoctrination. We will have succeed when our students become disciplined and compassionate lifelong learners who understand that they are responsible not only for themselves but for the world they live in.