Application processs

Entrance exams 

To get to the 2nd SLO, you need to pass the exam: 

*in Polish (foreigners or Poles who have studied abroad for a long time may take additional exam in English A instead of an exam in Polish), 

*in English and  

*in mathematics (in Polish or English). 

The need to take English A instead of Polish should be reported when enrolling. In such cases, students of Polish nationality need approval from the admissions committee, that’s why they are requested to provide an application with grounds in writing. . 

Registration for the exam 

You need to register for the exam until March 19th, 2024 only via mail 

You also need to: 

*fill in the application form (downloaded from and  

*send the application to the school office to the following address:  

*send the confirmation of payment of the exam fee to the school’s bank account – 51 1050 1038 1000 0022 5870 2535 (as: the exam fee… .. (student’s name and surname)  in the amount of PLN 850 the following address: 

The form of the exam and dates 

*March 23rd, 2024 and March 24th, 2024 : written exams in Polish, mathematics and English will take place at school in 5 Nowowiejska St. 

*The list of students qualified for the interview will be announced by April 3rd, 2024 

*April 6th, 2024 and April 7th, 2024 : interviews in Polish or English (chosen by the candidate and it does not affect the result of the interview) will take place at school in 48 Solec St.  

We will have announced the admissions list and the reserve list by April 15 th , 2024.  

Confirmation of the decision to choose a school – by April 22.