The Local Board of the Civic Educational Association No. 144

The Local Board

The body running the 2nd Civic Secondary School with International Branches is the Independent Local Board No. 144 of the Civic Educational Association [SKT 144 STO].

SKT 144 STO is one of over 70 field clubs of the Civic Educational Association – the first and largest independent education organization in Poland. There are nearly 100 institutions of the Civic Educational Association across the country, mainly primary and secondary schools.

The authorities of the Civic Educational Association are elected every few years by the  representatives of its local boards. STO supports its local boards in running schools, and also undertakes activities to improve the quality of education in Poland.

More information about the Civic Educational Association can be found on the association’s website at

Membership in STO

Our school – like all STO institutions – is a social school. Parents of students and graduates can influence the quality of school work by getting involved in its undertakings.

We encourage you to enroll in STO and contribute to our school – more information below!

Membership declaration


According to the statute of the Civic Educational Association, the authorities of its local boards [SKT] are elected for a 3-year term. Each member of the local board’s authorities performs his or her work for the school on a voluntary basis.

On  March 9, 2022, the new authorities of SKT 144 STO were elected: the Chair of the Board of Trustees, eight Members of the Board of Trustees and three Members of the Audit Committee.

  • Krystyna Norwa

    Prezes SKT 144 STO

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  • Krzysztof Dresler
    Married with Lucia and the father of Nina and Gaja. Many years of experience in banking sector and capital market institutions as well as in managing enterprises. Currently involved in ….
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  • Izabela Sieniow-Kuczyńska
    She’s connected to the school since 2015. Privately she is a mother of four children. Three of them are graduates of the International Baccalaureate program in 2SLO. She’s a graduate of…
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