How to enroll a child in school?

The child must pass the school entrance exam. Registrations for the exam should be sent by e-mail to: rekrutacja_ib@2slo.pl and accompanied by an application form (downloadable https://ib.2slo.pl/rekrutacja/dokumenty/) and confirmation of the payment of the exam fee (in 2024 – PLN 850).

Who can take the exam?

Students who have completed 8 grades in a Polish or foreign school in 2024 can take the exam.

When will I receive a response to my application?

If we have a large number of candidates, it may take up to five business days to respond to your application. If you have not received a reply email after this time, please contact the school office by phone (513 770 090).

When will the written exam times schedule be announced?

After the registration of candidates is completed.

When will the oral exam times schedule be announced?

After the announcement of the results of written examinations.

What does the examination process look like?

It consists of two stages: written exams and oral exams. All candidates can take the written exams, while the oral exams can only be taken by those who have obtained a sufficient number of points in the written exams. After the oral exams are completed, the list of admitted students and the reserve list are announced.

How are written exams conducted?

Written exams take place at the school at 5 Nowowiejska St. and last for two days.

On the first day, candidates take exams in Polish and mathematics, on the second day they take an exam in English.

For written examinations, the candidate must have his/her ID card, her/his Entry Card and writing utensils (a ball pen or a fountain pen) with him/her.

Depending on the number of applications, the exams may be divided into morning and afternoon rounds.

How are oral exams conducted?

Candidates who have received the appropriate number of points in written exams are invited to take oral exams.

Oral exams take place on two weekend days, at the school in 48 Solec St.

Candidates are scheduled for a specific exam time.

The oral exam lasts approximately 15 minutes.

The candidate must arrive for the oral exam 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

When taking the oral examination, the candidate must present his/her school ID and her/ his Entry Card.

How many classes and how many students in each class are planned?

In the upcoming school year, there will be three first classes, each with a maximum of 22 students.

Does the school have a canteen/food provided?

The school has a space where you can eat meals. Our students can use a kettle and a microwave.

The school does not provide catering or a canteen, but our students can easily use nearby restaurants and shops.

How much time is added during exams when the appropriate certificate is submitted?

After providing the appropriate document, the time for written exams may be extended. For exams lasting 120 minutes, the additional time is 20 minutes. Exams lasting 90 minutes are extended by 15 minutes.

Are the school at Nowowiejska St. and the school at Solec St. the same?

We are one school called 2 SLO Jasienica High School, but we operate in two locations with two different programs: in Nowowiejska St. there are Polish branches preparing for the Polish Matura exam, while in 48 Solec St. there are international branches preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Where is PE?

PE takes place in one of three locations: in the school gym at Nowowiejska St., in the sports hall at Solec St., and in the sports hall at Rozbrat St.

Is 2SLO a friendly place for people with the spectrum?

Yes. We strive to constantly develop in the area of ​​supporting students with the spectrum. A counsellor works in our school every day.

Our school has a quiet cabin, providing a peaceful place to rest or help concentrate.

Additionally, in our school we take care to promote knowledge about neurodiversity through information campaigns and meetings with experts.

Is 2SLO LGBTQUIA+ friendly?

Yes. 2SLO took 11th place in the LGBTQ+ School Ranking in 2022 and 4th place in 2023.

There is a gender neutral rainbow bathroom at Solec, which can be used by anyone who feels the need.

The school celebrates Rainbow Friday and organizes campaigns and initiatives related to the LGBTQUIA+ community.

What are the school costs at the moment?

The tuition fee is PLN 3,465 per month, payable for 10 months.

The exam fee is PLN 850

After admission to the school, you must pay a one-time, non-refundable admissions fee in the amount of one tuition fee to guarantee a place at our school (after enrolling the student at the school, it goes towards the enrollment fee) and a refundable deposit in the amount of one tuition fee.

Additional fees when studying at 2SLO include: textbooks, trips, high school leaving examination fees and other study-related costs (e.g. purchase of a graphing calculator).

What are the entrance exams like for candidates returning from abroad?

People coming back from abroad can take written exams in mathematics in English and an English A exam instead of a Polish language exam.

Consent to writing the English A exam is granted by the Admissions Committee – an application must be submitted at least a week before the exam.

The oral exam may be taken in Polish or English. The language chosen by the candidate has no influence on his/her grade.

What does the English A written exam mean?

This is an exam that can be written by candidates with the consent of the Admissions Committee, instead of a Polish language exam.

The English A exam is independent of the English exam (English B). The English A exam does not exempt you from the English B exam.

What to do if there is a conflict with other exams/competitions?

This should be reported to the school office as soon as possible.

If it is possible to adjust the exam times to such a situation, we will certainly do so. If not, the decision to take the exams is in the candidate’s hands.

When should I pay the exam fee?

Before the exam, the confirmation of the payment of the exam fee must be attached to the application sent by e-mail.

Do English certificates (FCE, CAE) affect the result of the admissions exam?

No. Language certificates are not taken into account and have no impact on the exam grade.

What competitions influence exam results?

The title of winner or finalist of  the education superintendent’s competition in Polish, mathematics, English, as well as the title of winner or finalist of the Junior Mathematics Olympiad and the Junior English Olympiad (OJAJ) entitles you to be exempt from the exam in a given subject and receive the maximum number of points.

The title of winner or finalist of a competition organized by the education superintendent in the following subjects: Spanish, German, French, Russian, chemistry, history, biology, social studies, geography, physics, computer science, philosophy entitles you to additional 5 or 3 points for the title, respectively.

Is information about volunteering, extra-curricular activities or sports achievements required for admissions ?

No. The admissions process only requires an application, confirmation of payment and, possibly, a psychological and pedagogical opinion authorizing the extension of time on exams and a certificate of the title of winner or finalist of a subject competition.

What to do with the Entry Card?

The Entry Card is a document authorizing you to enter the exams.

The candidate must have it with him/ her before the written and oral exam (it must be printed or downloaded on the phone), because it will be checked before being allowed into the exam room.

When will detailed information about the exam times be available?

The exact hours appear on the website after the deadline for accepting applications.

Additionally, an e-mail with information is sent to guardians and candidates a few days before the exams.

Do Polish universities accept the International Baccalaureate?

Yes. The websites of specific universities always provide score conversion rates for graduates with the International Baccalaureate.

Can I arrange my individual meeting?

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are unable to arrange individual meetings. We invite you to take part in open days and – if you have any additional questions – to contact us by e-mail, please.