Differential Calculus Group

For many years, a club where we teach differential and integral calculus has been run in 2 SLO. Classes last two semesters, the program includes:

1. Differential calculus (derivatives and their applications)

2. Integral calculus (integration by substitution, integration by parts, integrals of trigonometric functions)

3. Differential equations

4. Applications of differential calculus in physics

As can be seen, it is a program corresponding to the extended mathematics in the IB Diploma Program, plus issues related to the applications of differential calculus in physics.

From next year ( 2024-2025), 2 SLO will also offer classes on the Special Theory of Relativity. Even though they will be carried out on the basis of the program for physics students, no advanced knowledge of mathematics or physics is required to participate in these classes, only an “open mind” and a certain discipline in solving tasks.