At School, Casino and Bar

On June 3 and 4 in Solec, pre-DP2 classes presented two theater performances entitled “Choices Restaurant” and “Feelings Talks”. The authors of the scripts are students who then performed them on the stage of 2 SLO theater under the caring and professional supervision of Karolina Kowalczyk.

“Choices Restaurant” is a story about school and home routine, as well as difficult relationships with peers and parents, and about students choosing their future path. The characters function somewhat mechanically to the rhythm of predetermined patterns, which may be symbolized by their everyday means of school transport – the elevator and its predictable movement from floor to floor and the limited horizon of the functioning space. Finally, the student-actors complain about the future choices restaurant to which the adults invited them.

“Feelings Talks” is a story about a big city full of rushing, lost, but also sensitive people. There is a grandmother who invites her family to dinner, there is a thug who snatches grandma’s purse, there is an emotionally unstable father of the family addicted to gambling, there are reporters using the fire as a media sensation, there is also an ordinary bar employee calmly serving food to customers, and a young woman with a mission to help. There are places full of tension and noise like a casino, or a soothing place like a kebab bar. Hope is brought by the calmness of a bar employee, or the sensitivity of a young girl who overpowers her grandmother’s attacker, confronts a desperate father with his own actions, or saves people from flames. Implicitly, the question arises about how each of us behaves in everyday life: do we “feed” on the illusion of self-sufficiency and our own strength, or do we open our hearts to others?

The authors-actors not only played brilliantly, but also posed important existential questions in an audiovisually attractive form. The audience was great – the room was bursting at the seams. Congratulations to the entire team for their fantastic work!

(text: Beata Ciacek; photos: Beata Ciacek)