Our offer Pre-IB

In the preparatory years, the so-called Pre-IB ones, students follow the international IGCSE program, which prepares them well for DP, and, moreover, in accordance with the IB ideas, they are educated holistically, according to the original 2 SLO programs.

Subjects taught according to the IGCSE standard (extended) in Pre-IB classes:








Computer science

Subjects taught in the original 2 SLO standard in Pre-IB classes:

German or French or Spanish (to be chosen)

History of Poland

Geography of Poland




Visual arts


Physical education

Additional subject: Academic writing – practicing written English

In Pre-IB 1

All subjects are compulsory – students are given time to prepare for specifying their preferred subjects, which is started already in Pre-IB 2, and which is necessary in DP.

In Pre-IB 2

Students must select their own subject groups:




biology & chemistry & mathematics – at an advanced level

physics & computer science & mathematics – at an advanced level

geography or history – at an advanced level & economics or philosophy or psychology (2 to be selected)- at an advanced level & mathematics – at an advanced level


In all subject groups:

Another foreign language:

In all subject groups:

In all subject groups:

Subjects taught in English:

Polish &  history & philosophy or psychology – at an advanced level

English – at an advanced level

basic or extended level – depending on the students’ skills

academic writing – at an advanced level

visual arts, theater and physical education.

biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer science, geography, history, economics, philosophy, psychology, theater, English.

Subjects taught in Polish:

Polish, history of Poland, geography of Poland, visual arts, physical education.

The IGCSE program may, but does not have to, be finished with an exam – the decision to take it is made by the student. Passing the final exam is not obligatory for students of our schools who want to continue their studies in the IB DP program. This is not required by the IB or the school, either.

Therefore, out of concern for the mental health of our students, which is undoubtedly helped by avoiding stressful situations – and exams are undoubtedly one of them – we do not recommend this choice to our students. There are still many exams ahead of you and it is not worth focusing on exams at this stage of your education.