Students Building a Satellite

Infographic showing

the various stages of the CanSat mission

The project’s goal is to build a mini-satellite the size of a can, which will descend on a parachute from a height of several kilometres. Each team must accomplish two missions: a primary one (common to all competition participants) and a secondary one, which each team conceives independently. For our school team, the additional mission involves detecting people on the ground and calculating their coordinates. This process utilizes neural networks, a type of artificial intelligence.

Currently, the team is developing the first prototype of the satellite, competing with teams from across the country to qualify for the Polish finals, which will take place in the last days of April. The winners of the national stages will have the opportunity to visit the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands as a reward.

If anyone would like to learn more about the competition and our students’ work, we encourage you to visit the dedicated profile on Instagram:

(text: Franciszek R.; infographic: Piotr Morawiecki; logo: Klara P.; photos: Franek B., Jan C., Piotr Morawiecki, Lea P.)