In May, in Lübeck, a joint delegation of schools from “Dwójka” took part in the MUNOL (Model United Nations of Lübeck) Conference, organized around topics related to sustainable development. Several members of the MUN club arrived there as “chairs”, people who conducted meetings in committees and debated on effective ways of carrying out goals. They spent their free time walking the streets of medieval Hanseatic Lübeck and making friends, which they hope will result in the participation of new schools from Europe in the JASMUN conference.

The “chairs” were highly praised by the conference organizers. The student who represented the United States at the MUN conference for the first time received the Excellent Delegate award.

Congratulations to the whole team and Mrs. Marta Kotte, who takes care of them!

(text: Marta Kotte, editor: Beata Ciacek, translation: Beata Ciacek; photos: Marta Kotte)