“It’s time to Start the Polonaise…”

In Search for Beauty

On February 9, the countdown to the final exams began with a festive polonaise prepared by high school students under the direction of Wojciech Świątek. The traditional dance put everyone in a solemn mood. The Headmaster Anna Sobala-Zbroszczyk referred to Oskar Wilde in her speech and quoted his words: “the secret of life is the search for beauty.” It is most likely about a happy and full life, that is, according to Aristotle, a life in search of what is both good and pleasant. The Headmaster considered passing the final exams to be a necessary condition for a beautiful life and, in addition to fulfilling it, she wished the high school graduates and their loved ones good and pleasant experiences not only that night, but also for the rest of their lives.

About the Courage to be Yourself

Coordinator Tomasz Mazur looked at the prom through an anthropological prism and reminded that it is one of the moments of spiritual transformation of people from children to adults. He analyzed individual parts of the initiation ritual: dancing and fun as expiation, in-depth studies as asceticism and the high school leaving examination as a test. He assured everyone that they would have a great time and wished them, contrary to age-old tradition, to maintain contact with their inner child for the rest of their lives, and as adults, to cultivate with particular care one of the most important virtues of adult life, namely courage. Courage, which is not the absence of fear or acting against it, but acting because of fear, is facing oneself.

Pride, Memory and Ties

Hometeachers and teachers also spoke. Natalia Kowalska assured that her pupils are ready to go out into the world, to set off into beautiful adulthood and do great things. Mateusz Pencuła admitted that he has been filled with joy and pride in the achievements of his pupils and with the words ‘Gandalf, my friend this is going to be the night to remember’ he encouraged everyone to celebrate. Mateusz Olechowski, in turn, stated that his memory fails him regarding the high school leaving exam itself. However, he clearly remembers integration and project trips, teachers’ strange habits, and legendary house parties. He reminded everyone how important experiences are and that regardless of what happens, it is worth cultivating ties with others.

Agnieszka Siatkowska had doubts whether she had managed to teach the high school students anything specific, but was confident of remembering the spectacular moments spent together. Joanna Utri went back to the difficult experiences of the pandemic and emphasized their formative nature for students. She assured them that they would be able to handle new challenges  as well.  She also thanked the parents for the fantastic preparation of the prom.

Such Teachers are Nowhere

The parents began by thanking the entire teaching staff for their great work in both teaching and upbringing, for helping to shape young people in a very difficult time for them, and for, as they called 2 SLO, a “fantastic school”. They then recalled the figures of two deceased great teachers. : Artur Kozłowski and Paweł Afelt and encouraged the audience to support the scholarship fund of the school for talented students named after Artur Kozłowski.

We Love Dwójka

At the end, the students spoke from behind the silver screen and talked about ‘their Dwójka’: about competent, supportive, helpful teachers who are interested in the students’ situation, about their being down to earth and their sense of humor, and about their commitment. The high school students jointly confessed that they love Dwójka! One of the students admitted that the teachers at Dwójka are out of this world!

After the official part, the party began in the Villa Foksal restaurant.

(text: Beata Ciacek in cooperation with Lila K., Julia W. and Ania I. ; photos: unknown author)