English Classes at the National Museum

Here is a compilation of our impressions after the English class at the National Museum in March 2023.

“While I like to consider myself quite interested in art, I do not tend to go to museums very often. I did, however, like this one.” (Kalina)
“As for the exhibitions seen, the most amazing for me was the Faras gallery, which presented the remains of the Christian cathedral constructed in the 8th century.” (Julian)
“They were found in ruins and explored by Kazimierz Michałowski and his team.” (Pola)
“My favorite painting from the Faras gallery was Saint Mercurius- the horse was painted in different shades of red, brown and orange.” (Marta)
“I was amazed at how the paintings were transported from Sudan to Poland.” (Antoni)
“I managed to find a beautiful painting entitled “The Lake of the Four Cantons” by Alexandre Calame, that depicted the lake and the nature around it.”(Jan)
“I saw a great painting by Botticelli, famous for the birth of the renaissance. It was a tondo, that presented Jesus in Marias hands.” (Hugo)
“A painting that drew my attention was Christ on the throne. His robe was covered in eyes, which reminded me of biblical angels.” (Bartek)
“The thing that surprised me the most was the number of thefts which took place in the museum during the Second World War.” (Michalina)
“I am not a fan of medieval art; seeing a lot of pietas and dying Jesus again did not change my mind. However the texture of clothes on Mary Magdalene from Wroclaw was amazing.” (Sara)
“I was always curious why Jesus on different pieces of art is naked. After the visit I know that it was to show His human side, to make redemption valid.” (Klara)
“I could not take my eyes of Matejko s Grunwald Battle- I admire the time he spent painting it and the patience he had, because it was very detailed.”(Kinga)
“I think the tour was worth staying a couple of hours after school.” (Zuzia)

(text: Joanna Utri; photo: unknown author)