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What is Tutoring?

Tutoring - is a method of individual care over a pupil, based on a master-student relationship, which takes an integral view of human development and seeks to fully develop the pupil’s own potential. In short, it is an inspiring relationship between human beings.

It is very difficult to develop without an inspiring relationship. In our school, you have the opportunity to meet people who will be able to help you in the implementation of your personal goals and dreams!

How does Tutoring work? 

  • based on an individual approach between teacher-tutor with the student;
  • regular meetings - normally twice a month and 50 minutes in length (for 4 months), or about 8 meetings;
  • during the meetings, the student works under the direction of a tutor on his own development, for example, the student gets to know oneself, choose their area of ​​interest, develop their ability to  acquire knowledge independently and learn to nurture their own talent;
  • outside of the meetings and also after the completion of the program, the student works on his goals, performs various tasks, and is involved in the process of self-improvement.


Who is Tutoring for?

  • for all who want to develop
  • for all who like to challenge themselves
  • for everyone who does not know what to do with themselves and would like to ...


How to take part in the program?

  • choose your Tutor and report to him or her or
  • report to the program coordinator who will help you choose the right person as your Tutor


How does one qualify?

  • willingness to work on their own development under the guidance of a tutor;
  • readiness to devote time to meetings and self-development;
  • willingness to get involved in the process of self-improvement.


Tutors in our school:

  1. Jacek Bąk
  2. Beata Biłyk-Woźniak
  3. Grażyna Bogusławska
  4. Iwona Borowska
  5. Krzysztof Dmowski
  6. Staszek Dutka
  7. Dorota Grzywacz
  8. Anita Klepaczewska
  9. Anna Klukaczewska-Gotlib
  10. Marcin Krupowicz
  11. Miron Łesyszak
  12. Zofia Łukomska-Chojecka
  13. Piotr Morawiecki
  14. Małgorzata Próchniak
  15. Katarzyna Szymańska
  16. Joanna Utri

A student reports to a tutor in person and expresses their willingness to go through the tutoring process. At times, a tutor themselves may invite a student to cooperate, by suggesting to become aware of their condition, something that a student may not always be conscious of.


Tutoring coordinator


Agnieszka Kucińska

School Counselor

Tutor biographies


Beata Biłyk-Woźniak

German teacher

Tutoring rozumiem przede wszystkim jako spotkanie, relację między ludźmi. A w relacjach istotna jest dla mnie empatia, zaufanie, spolegliwość. Ponadto delikatność, takt, uprzejmość. I wolność. Poczucie, że obie strony mogą być wobec siebie szczere i nie będą się wzajemnie oceniać. W wyżej opisanej atmosferze uważnie wysłucham tych z Was, którzy zechcą skorzystać z mojego zaproszenia do uczestnictwa w tutoringu rozwojowym. Razem spróbujemy znaleźć odpowiedzi na ważne dla Was pytania i rozwiązania istotnych kwestii. Może dzięki naszym spotkaniom życie okaże się odrobinkę łatwiejsze?


Grażyna Bogusławska

French teacher

J’enseigne donc je suis I am a linguist who has been working during several years at the University...

My basic motivation as a Tutor: willingness to help young people and the feeling that long-term contact with young people provides good tools for self development.

I offer a methodological approach in the field of linguistics, translation theory, language theory and any French language issues.


Marcin Krupowicz

Philosophy teacher

He teaches philosophy and philosophies about teaching, discusses with his students and conducts indi...

I cordially invite all who feel they need support in the following areas:

Choosing a further educational path
School functioning strategies
Determination and implementation of valuable goals
Creative ways of learning
Reconciling school duties with personal passions
Talking about different things

I also invite those who do not know very well what they want, what everyone wants from them and why all this fuss.

We work in a series of 8 individual meetings in the first or second semester.

If you are interested, please contact me between classes or through Librus.


Małgorzata Próchniak

English teacher

I invite you to meet for my tutor hour, in which we will try to identify areas of your competences, develop your strengths and look for answers to troubling questions.

We will set the scope of our individual meetings together.

If you are interested, please contact me directly or through Librus.


Joanna Utri

English teacher

I am a tutor (in the Oxbridge sense), and an English B teacher working for 2 SLO since 1991, and the...

Dear student from both the Polish and international high school as well as our middle school. I invite you cordially to meet to discuss issues such as: struggling with life choices, your future high school decisions, field of study, direction after graduation, discovering your talent and strengthening strengths. In addition, we will look at language issues, such as: English - preparation for uncommon external exams, improvement of fluency and pronunciation, and work on EVERY aspect that interests you (which is not discussed in your lessons) - in addition, we can cover topics like history of contemporary art - reading and discussing current trends in visual art and together discover new, inspiring artists - both in Polish and English.