There is Always Another Wave

On September 19, at the school in Solec, we hosted John Pickett, a geologist, traveler and nature enthusiast who lives in Sydney. He started the meeting by telling a story about an important moment of slipping into a rising wave while surfing, which he compared to seizing the right moment in his life. It is important to bravely catch the wind and move forward. The guest talked about finding car thieves thanks to geological investigations, about checking the authenticity of the amber in the necklace, about his German experience, about many friendships around the world, about the behavior of people caught up in the gold fever, about the landscapes, flora and fauna of the southern hemisphere. He encouraged students to travel and discover the world on their own.

(text: Beata Ciacek, cooperation: Switłana Kiszko; photo: Beata Ciacek)