Silver Wolf for PO-MOC

The PO-MOC project won the Silver Wolf in the “Exempted from Theory” competition – an award for the best project in the Masovian Voivodeship. The PO-MOC project, implemented by students of 2 SLO, under the patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw in cooperation with the Children’s Ombudsman, the Catholic Intelligentsia Club association, the Legia Warszawa foundation and with influencers, are activities aimed to support the mental health of children and youth.

The students engaged in an active social media campaign, recorded a professional advertisement, opened a sweatshirt shop together with an Italian clothing brand, on April 11 with the participation of students from twenty high schools, organized an event devoted to youth mental health, conducted a survey diagnosing the well-being of Warsaw high school students and recorded podcasts titled ‘Let the Boys Cry.’ The ad, which was co-created by over twenty people from the film crew, students of the school and the Children’s Ombudsman who provided the voice for the ad, received over four hundred views on the school’s Instagram. The income from the sale of sweatshirts is transferred to the expenses of the 116 111 helpline foundation. Over one million views appeared on Instagram within three months. Over one thousand people completed the survey. The podcast interlocutors present the reality of the situation of young people, propose constructive problem solving and refute stereotypical thinking about health. The school provided support, especially Mrs. Agnieszka Kucińska and Mrs. Beata Ciacek. Mrs. Agnieszka helped substantively, also in creating the survey, and Mrs. Beata hosted the interviewees several times in the library, where the podcasts were recorded. The campaign is still ongoing, and its initiators hope that they have managed to draw attention to the problem of mental health of the young generation, have a positive impact on society and provide others with the help they need!

(text: Tomasz and Jakub Rozdeiczer, editor: Beata Ciacek; photos: unknown author from the archives of the contest ,,Zwolnieni z teorii”)