Rakaposhi or Covered with Snow

On October 24, our school was visited by a mountaineer, participant of the first expedition to K2, Mr. Paweł Kubalski. He met with students of class DP1 to talk about human discomfort in the high mountain environment. The mountain lover introduced students to the impact of high mountain conditions on the human physical condition. Due to lower atmospheric pressure, lower air humidity, lower air temperature and increased solar radiation, a person may experience fatigue, headache, lack of appetite, sometimes nausea and trouble sleeping. In extreme cases of lack of adaptation to the conditions in high mountains, altitude sickness and its most dangerous forms may develop, namely pulmonary edema and cerebral edema. The guest familiarized students with safety rules in high mountains, consisting in a proper acclimatization and  hydration as well as protecting skin surfaces exposed to strong solar radiation.

(text: Beata Ciacek; photo: Beata Ciacek)