At the end of March, a group of students from the school MUN Club attended the PORGMUN conference in Prague as a delegation of the 2SLO under the care of Ms Marta Kotte. Our students debated in different committees on topics ranging from the independence of Kosovo, through sustainable solutions for the aviation industry, to the war in Yemen, and many others. The conference lasted four days, and apart from debating and writing resolutions, it was also an opportunity to hear interesting speeches from influential figures from fields related to each committees subject. The conference turned out to be not only a great experience but also a point of reference for the organizers of our very own JASMUN 2023 conference. We returned home with 3 of our students winning awards for outstanding performance during the debates (2 Awards of Excellence and 1 Best Delegate), which is an amazing achievement considering the high academic level of the debates.

( text: Olivia S.; photos: Marta Kotte)