On Czerwone Wierchy

The Mountain Club in 2SLO inaugurated its activity. On the first weekend of October 2022, eight students, led by Misza Tomaszewski and Paweł Kubalski, set off for the Tatra Mountains. The base for the trip was the house of the family of one of the students – Franek B. in Małe Ciche, near Zakopane. On Saturday morning, October 1, despite the bad weather, the whole group went on a trip to the Czerwone Wierchy massif. To reach Ciemniak (2096 m above sea level) – the first of the four peaks of the massif, it was necessary to overcome the 1170 m difference in height. We continued our hike in very difficult terrain and weather conditions: low temperature (+3, +4 degrees Celsius), a lot of wet snow, very strong wind (sometimes around 70-80 km / h), limited visibility (we hiked through the long stretches of the ridge in the clouds ) and showers. From Ciemniak, the route led along a four-kilometer section of the main ridge of the Tatra Mountains through the peaks of Krzesanica (2122 m above sea level), Małołączniak (2096 m above sea level), Kopa Kondracka (2005 m above sea level) to the pass under Kopa Kondracka, from where we descended the Kondratowa Valley to Kuźnice. The total travel time of our brave, cheerful team was over eight hours.

And in the evening we ate a meal prepared together, talked and laughed a lot … It was fun. On Sunday we had a quick, very tasty breakfast prepared by Misza and travelled back to Warsaw. All participants of the trip returned very pleased and are already asking when and where the next trip will take place.

(text: Paweł Kubalski, translation: Beata Ciacek; photos: Paweł Kubalski, Misza Tomaszewski))