Mental Health Days

At the end of November, as every year, students and teachers devoted their time to reflecting on mental health and practicing mental well-being. Numerous events took place on Monday and Tuesday, including a meeting with Cveta Dimitrowa and Tomasz Stawiszyński on the impact of school on students’ lives and a discussion panel with students and teachers devoted to experiencing fears and dealing with school stress. In addition, students participated in workshops on the relationship between “me” and the outside world, coping with stress, the secrets of motivation, moral dilemmas and making choices, about sleep, about writing, about the stoic attitude, about the salutary influence of literature. The school was also visited by graduates who talked about their experiences and encouraged to be ready for change and to constantly look for alternative solutions. All willing people also went on a virtual walk around Milan with Zbyszek Strucki and on a bicycle trip with Marcin Krupowicz. People thirsty for artistic experiences struggled with carpentry tools to create projects from wood, took photos, painted with the “action painting” technique, built micro gardens in glass vessels, and in theater classes they learned to improvise and act out scenes – especially expressing stress and trauma.

(text : Beata Ciacek; in cooperation with: Kalina H., Michał Skoniecki, Paulina Woźniak; photos: Anna Brymora, Blanka B., Beata Ciacek, Kalina H., Natalia Kowalska, Julia Łukasiak, Piotr Morawiecki, Paulina Woźniak)