In Treblinka

At the beginning of May, we ( pre – DP2 students) visited the remains of the Nazi extermination camp in Treblinka, one of the most terrifying crime scenes of the Third Reich. About 800,000 Jews, deported mainly from the ghettos in Warsaw and Radom, were murdered here in just 16 months.

During a walk in the area of ​​the former camp, among the stone blocks symbolizing the extermination of the Jews, Ms Tosia Siatkowska introduced us to the tragic history of this place. We had the opportunity to see the items belonging to the murdered prisoners, and we read together texts about the Treblinka camp and the cruel events that took place there. This visit certainly forced us to reflect and think a lot, especially in the context of the war going on beyond our eastern border, and made us realize once again how important peace is.

(text, photos by Jan Wilamski; translation by Beata Ciacek)