In Remembrance of Kozłowski and Afelt

November 5, 2022 was the second anniversary of ARTUR KOZŁOWSKI’s death – a maths teacher in our schools (high school, and earlier also in the junior high school). Artur had worked with us and taught the consecutive generations of today’s graduates for 22 years. His dream was that the outstanding mathematical students for whom tuition fees can be an insurmountable barrier would also study in our school. That is why the 2 SLO TALENTY Scholarship Fund is named after him.

On November 20 this year, 10 months will have passed since PAWEŁ AFELT’s death, a computer science and economics teacher in our school. He had been with us for 20 years. He had taught in Polish and international branches, and, similarly to Artur Kozłowski, in the “Dwójka” junior high school. Students of the current second, third and fourth grades may remember him as “Librus’ Man” and graduates may recall him as an avid cyclist and  StarCraft’s fan.

In these November days of reflection on those who are no longer among us, let us also remember them.

(text and photos: Elżbieta Tyszko-Kulik; translation: Beata Ciacek)