IB2 Visual Arts Exhibition

The final exhibition of group Visual Arts IB took place on March 18th. This is their internal exam considered as the most important artistic experience in their school career. Each student created at least 10 artworks, both three-dimensional forms (sculpture, installation) and two-dimensional forms such as drawing, painting, photography, linocut or even embroidery. 

Maria Chechlińska focuses on presenting women and social norms imposed on them by art. In her works, she illustrates the enormous strength, uniqueness and diversity of the world of women who appear in her life as friends, family members, or role models. 

Jan Siwicki’s exhibition entitled “Strangeness and Isolation” is an attempt to portray the complex nature of phenomenon of strangeness in different contexts. With weirdness or peculiarity often comes isolation. Thus the two are interconnected in many ways and in many forms.  

Maria Drabik analyses  the concept of sky and void. Both of them are experienced by everyone and understood universally, though still differently for everyone. The artworks presented aim to help define these topics, explore them and try to understand their essence. 

Hanna Skubis explores how closeness is part of our everyday life, how we find it even in the most subtle gestures, and what happens when we sometimes miss it. The pieces comment on both presence and absence of someone, as well as the feelings they evoke.  

Many people came for the opening of the exhibition and expressed their very positive opinions about the artworks. Congratulations to the artists!  

(text and  photos: Julia Łukasiak, Maria Chechlińska, Maria Drabik, Jan Siwicki, Hanna Skubis )