High School Graduates Are Setting off into the World

“In traditional societies, setting off into the world meant leaving a safe place and exposing yourself to the fear and turmoil of this world. The talks about the distant and dangerous world were conducted by the heroes of Władysław Reymont’s “Peasants”. Dante Alighieri experienced his exile from his native Florence and death in a foreign Ravenna. You are also going out into the world today. Although we see the possibilities of the modern world more as an opportunity, man still needs to know where he is from. I wish you, on your way, to know where you come from, and during the fears and turmoil, which you will probably not miss, remember about this place, about our 2SLO ” 

With these words, director Anna Sobala – Zbroszczyk, together with the IB coordinator Tomasz Mazur, form teachers Olga Masiuk and Zbigniew Strucki, other teachers, students and parents who were present in large numbers, said goodbye to IB high school graduates of 2022. Finally, the student music group graced the farewell ceremony with instrumental pieces and rock songs. The band’s vocalist sang “I will always remember you”.  

(text: Beata Ciacek; photos: Beata Ciacek)