Hic et nunc

On November 24, the opening of the exhibition entitled “Me & Environment” prepared by DP1 students under the supervision of Julia Łukasiak took place. The result of students’ engagement since the beginning of the semester have been works of art made by using many techniques such as plaster cast, collage, linocut, drawing with ink and pastels, digital printing, photography, painting with acrylic and oil paints. Various artistic forms present individual interpretations of the exhibition’s subject matter. There are references to environmental issues, to the importance of the problem of identity and to ways of perceiving everyday life.

Coordinator Tomasz Mazur, opening the exhibition, expressed his satisfaction and pride in the students’ artistic activity and emphasized how important the originality of artistic perspective is, which deepens our way of perceiving reality.

Julia Łukasiak and Aleksandra W. encouraged people to view the exhibition interactively and to enjoy the effort and thought involved in creating the works.

(text: Beata Ciacek, cooperation: Julia Łukasiak, Ola W.; photos: Beata Ciacek, Julia Łukasiak; poster: unknown author)