Art for Ukraine

PLN 13,880 was collected for refugees from Ukraine. The money will be transferred in part to the Polish Humanitarian Action, and in part spent on the purchase and sending the most necessary articles to Ukraine itself. All the works on the auction and most of the handicraft products  on the stands in schools in Solec St.and Nowowiejska St. were sold. The highest auction result was PLN 1070 – still life by Helena Pawłowska. The earrings made by Joanna Utri, Basia Owczarek, Maja Bialousz and Kamila Zygowska and stickers made by Marta Kuchta, as well as ceramics by a friend of Grażyna Bogusławska, were particularly popular. The stands in the school were served by students, the auction catalog and the auction itself were prepared by Julia Łukasiak, and the whole thing was supervised by Anita Klepaczewska. 

We trust that we can do a lot of good together! We believe that art can make the world a better place! (text: Beata Ciacek)