Final Exhibition 2024

On March 27, a diploma exhibition of artists from the DP2 group took place in Solec under the curatorship of Julia Łukasiak. The exhibition was opened by headmaster Anna Sobala-Zbroszczyk and coordinator Tomasz Mazur. In their speeches they referred to Friedrich Nietzsche and John Dewey. They both emphasized the formative role of art, thanks to which we can communicate to the world what is most important. Julia Łukasiak also drew attention to the creative process itself. She recalled the students’ struggles with themselves, searching for themes and means of expression, and stated her belief that this path allowed them to become artists.

Maria G., Anna I., Nina K., Marta K., Maciej Ł., Maria O. and Thanh T. N. independently selected their main themes and techniques and prepared micro-exhibitions about: memory, nature, the human body and its functioning in the following techniques: watercolors, linocuts, drawings, acrylic and oil paintings, 3D textile objects, sculpture, digital works, analogue and digital photography.


(text: Beata Ciacek, cooperation: Julia Łukasiak; photos: Beata Ciacek)