Tribute to Paweł Afelt

During the conversations about Afeltalia, an idea arose to refer to Paweł Afelt’s greatest passion, i.e. cycling trips. And so on Saturday (June 3), at the crack of dawn, a team of four bicycle enthusiasts: Jacek Hann (2 SLO graduate) and two first-grade students – Olaf and Bartek – under the care of a philosophy teacher, Marcin Krupowicz, appeared in front of the school building. The plan was clear. Participants of the mini tour were supposed to reach Łódź. The route of the trip was divided into three sections: Warszawa – Bolimów, Bolimów – Głowno and Głowno – Łódź. At the designated stopping points, Ms Elżbieta Tyszko-Kulik, who was responsible for food and equipment support, waited for the team in a so-called technical car. Only two breaks, one slightly extended due to the need to change a punctured inner tube, were enough to cover 150 km. After a few-hour trip, everyone happily reached Łódź and laid flowers and lit votive candles on Paweł’s grave. Only then did the moment for reflection come, which was so beautifully written about by Fr. Jan Twardowski:

Let’s hurry to love people, they leave so quickly

shoes and a deaf telephone will remain after them (…)

then the complete silence , so quite unendurable

like purity born simply from despair

when we think of someone without them

(text: Elżbieta Tyszko-Kulik, translation: Beata Ciacek; photos: Elżbieta Tyszko-Kulik, Marcin Krupowicz)