Jasmoot 2024

On February 10, the third edition of the Jasmoot 2024 legal conference, organized by students of the international branches of our school, began. The event took place at the headquarters of the CMS law company in Varso Tower in Warsaw, under the honorary patronage of the Commissioner for Human Rights. Several dozen high school students listened to speeches on various aspects of law. Among others, Children’s Ombudsman Monika Horna-Cieślak and judge Igor Tuleya shared their professional experience. Lawyers from the CMS law company characterized the legal profession and advised on how to prepare for moot court competitions in which some of the participants will take part next month. Finally, the vice-president of the European Law Students Association ELSA talked about law studies in Poland.

The competition part of the event will soon take place, that is, simulated court hearings judged by professional lawyers. Before the start of the competition, the participants will prepare arguments for both defence counsels and prosecutors, and which side of the dispute a given competition team will take will be decided by drawing lots. Good luck!

(text: Alan D., translated and edited by: Beata Ciacek; photos: Stanisław D.)