Impartiallity Really Matters

On June 14, the school in Solec was visited by Roger Hardy, a long-time BBC analyst for the Middle East, lecturer at Princeton, LSE, Kings College, London, author of books. The guest told about his experience of being a reporter in the Middle East, about direct contact with the inhabitants of the most inflammatory region of the world and about the disastrous effects of the American intervention in Iraq in 2003, in which Poland participated as an ally of the United States. He also pointed out the great importance of striving for relative impartiality in reporter relations and the need to place events in a historical context. After thirty years of journalistic work, the reporter tries to explain the present by looking into the past, and this is the aim of his current writing work, which has already resulted in three titles: “The Poisoned Well. Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East”, “The Muslim Revolt. A Journey through Political Islam” and “The Bride. An Illustrated History of Palestine 1850-1948”. The author donated three copies of the books to the school library and encouraged students to read them carefully.

(text: Beata Ciacek; photos: Beata Ciacek)