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Mateusz Pencuła

Theory of Knowledge teacher

I joined the 2SLOib team as an IBDP TOK Teacher at the beginning of this academic year. I also work part time as a lecturer at the College of Theology and Humanities, as the project editor at an academic journal called ‘Edukacja Filozoficzna’ and as a researcher at the University of Warsaw.
I have a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Warsaw and my hometown is Lublin.
I’m a firm believer that learning comes through doing and try as often as possible to help my students discover their topics through personal research and group activities. Through a guided inquiry approach I hope to enhance their conceptual, competency and character learning. In my opinion learning about the Theory of Knowledge can only take place when the topic at hand has been defined, an activity designed, a conclusion delivered and a solid understanding demonstrated.
In my free time I love exploring different cultures, meeting new people and I have a penchant for spicy food!