Katarzyna Długołęcka

Polish literature teacher

I became a teacher because… I hate school. I hated my school when I was a student, I hated wasting time and boredom, and powerlessness which are normal feelings at school. Therefore I graduated from the Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw and started teaching. As long as school exists it is reasonable to make it more bearable. As a teacher I like all these moments, when my students speak more than me, discover in literature more than me, when they have excellent ideas and sometimes I dare to think that it may have something to do with me. But more than all else I like holidays. Then I can go on a journey looking for everything I like and what is on decline in the modern word: wild nature not destroyed by man (sometimes in Asia, sometimes in the mountains), silence and green (canoeing in the Polish small rivers) , remains of medieval or baroque culture (in Wąchock and Wrocław as well as in France and Andalusia), paintings of the old masters (all over the Europe), tango argentino (so far – in Poland) and pleasure of reading - maybe: Myśliwski, Norwid, Dehnel, Hrabal, Skvorecky, Bernhard, Llosa…(in my garden in Warmia). Actually what I really teach my students is how to spend free time in an interesting way, because after all that is the reason literature was invented for.