Do not seek a pie in the sky..!



Professor Ewa Łętowska met the school community and talked about the concepts of the law and order  and about a law-governed state. In a law-governed state, the element of law constantly fights the element of force, and therefore the law will never defend itself if there are no people ready to stand behind it. Although she stated that in Poland we are dealing with violations of the law by the authorities, she encouraged to use the principle of Aristotle's happy medium and to persevere in refraining from any extreme reactions. Referring to her life experience, she concluded that it is impossible to build something complete & finished and encouraged to take to what we can do and what can be undertaken in a given situation, i.e. to ask questions, dispel doubts and do what we should do. At the end she said: "do not seek a pie in the sky, but try the extremely valuable pies that have already been made on the earth!" .


Prof. Ewa Łętowska - specialist in the field of civil law, professor of legal sciences (1985), first ombudsman in Poland (1988-1992), judge of the Supreme Administrative Court (1999-2002) and the Constitutional Tribunal (from 2002 until retiring in 2011).