Q. What is IBDP?

A. IBDP – International Baccalaureate Diploma Program – started out as a high-school program for those who were living outside of their own country while in secondary school. It was supposed to bridge the gaps between different systems and enable students to study in the Universities of their choice. Since then it has become a world-wide program recognized and valued by top schools around the world.


Q. What is special about IBDP?

A. In every subject area IBDP is both content-rich and process-rich. We don’t simply look at the “what” but more importantly at the “why” and “how”. Each subject analyzes how knowledge is constructed, tested and evaluated. IBDP courses are also interdisciplinary – drawing on various branches of knowledge and approaches. What ties this all together is Theory of Knowledge – a course which examines how we know what we know.


Q. What’s special about IBDP at 2SLO?

A. 2SLO is a brand new school with state-of-the-art facilities including fully equipped laboratories, a visual arts atelier and extensive library. We are a community of open-minded, enthusiastic individuals who actively work to cultivate our passions and extend our knowledge. Aside from our engaging classes we host various events, organize fieldtrip and run a wide range of clubs.


Q. How does IB help me get into college?

A. All courses are taught in English. This is the best possible preparation for studying abroad or working in an international environment. Colleges realize that obtaining the diploma requires both independent study skills and analytical thinking which is highly valued.


Q. I heard that IB takes a lot of time and work. Will I have time for extracurricular activities?

A. Yes, the program does take a lot of time and work. It will also require time management skills. Most of our students get involved in various out of school activates. Part of the IBDP is also CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) which encourages students to stay active in their local community through their own personal projects. There are also many school clubs and activities you can get involved in.


Q. How is work in the IBDP evaluated?

All students study 6 subjects – three at higher level and three at standard level. Each subject is graded on a scale of 1-7. In addition, each student must write an Extended Essay on the topic of their choice and take part in a critical thinking course – Theory of Knowledge. Extended Essay and TOK combine to give up to 3 points. The maximum score on the Diploma is 45 points.