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Agnieszka Kucińska

School Counselor

Agnieszka Kucińska - I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, currently in the process of aquiring applying for a PTP and PTIPDiES SI certificate. I have been working in 2 SLO since 2005 and each year I rediscover the unusual atmosphere of this school and the potential of people who create it. I could not do what I do if it wasn't for my unlimited curiosity of people around me. Irvin D. Yalom (my guru) claims that Nietzsche [...] reportedly said that after the first meeting you know everything about someone, and after the next meetings, you are more and more distancing yourself from your first, true insight. This is exactly what my work at school involves - looking for further insights into the situation and the complex personality of the students, which often becomes an extraordinary adventure for both of them. 

Students can come to me if they need help with:

1. selection of educational and professional paths,

2. organizing their time and managing the workload, 

3. specific educational needs (difficulties) - dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc. ,

4. difficult life and school situations,

5. finding a tutor to work on your own personal or educational development.


Mon        Solec      09:00 - 16:00        
Tue          Solec      09:00 - 17:00        
Wed        Solec      09:00 - 15:00        
Thu        Solec      09:00 - 12:00        
Fri         Solec       09:00 - 12:00