Na zawsze będziesz w naszej pamęci

Dziś 20 stycznia odszedł od nas Paweł Afelt. Zakończył właśnie swój ostatni etap podróży na ziemi. Pisał, że jedyną stuprocentowo skuteczną metodą sprawdzenia, czy jesteś w stanie coś zrobić, jest zrobienie tego. Takim Cię zapamiętamy Pawle – stuprocentowy, bezkompromisowy, pełen życia kompan w 2slo od 2002. Będzie nam Ciebie bardzo brakować. Żegnaj.

Mission statement

2ndSLO School aims to teach students understand themselves and the world around them.

We help them to be co-creators of the world and to live in it responsibly.

In an atmosphere of kindness and openness, our teachers and administrators offer students comprehensive education, help them to discover their abilities, and hone their skills. We support students’ individual development, so that young people can become creative and responsible citizens.

In our school we promote the spirit of freedom and tolerance – classic liberal values, as well as patriotism in the modern sense. That entails creating community-oriented attitudes, i.e. sensitivity to problems of other people, involvement in public matters and care for the common good, for example through volunteer and charity work.

We teach respect for the rights of an individual, critical thinking, open-mindedness, responsibility for oneself and others. There can be no room for any form of xenophobia or racism in such society.

We understand tolerance as relating to others with respect, attentiveness, accepting the dissimilarity of views and beliefs, cultures and nationalities. That is the attitude we shall demand from ourselves and others.

We will have succeed when our students become disciplined and compassionate lifelong learners who understand that they are responsible not only for themselves but for the world they live in.




The 2 SLO was founded in 1989 as a part of an initiative by the Civic Education Association (STO). As a social school, it has always had great aspirations of combining high academic standards with a friendly, open environment for teaching. The school soon gained a recognition for great academic success and an innovative attitude to teaching. Our patron is Paweł Jasienica, a well known Polish historian and patriot who also upheld these values.

As the next step of the school’s educational growth and IB schools becoming more popular in Poland, the 2nd SLO students and their parents came up with an idea of initiating the IBDP program.

Our staff and management quickly got on board with the idea and preparations got underway in August 2014. After many months of diligent work, we officially applied for the IBO authorisation. We had a lot to learn and many of our teachers attended IBDP workshops. We also brought on board new teachers with rich experience of teaching in the IBDP program. Our next important task was to equip the school with facilities pertinent to IBDP regulations. Hence, we have state of the art chemistry, physics and biology labs, as well as, a library, research room and a visual arts atelier.

In January 2016, we hosted an authorisation visit which praised our hard work. The following month we obtained our authorisation and become part of the worldwide IB community, joining the other 5000 schools around the world. At the moment we have two pre-IBDP classes and two IBDP1 classes. We are devoted to constant development aimed at becoming an excellent IB school that balances academic proficiency with social engagement and most importantly open-mindedness. We offer an opportunity for our students to engage in extra curricular activities that involve theatre, film, and science clubs, as well as numerous field trips and Model United Nations participation.